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Open Source SQL Clients in Java

SQuirreL SQL Client

SQuirreL SQL Client is a graphical Java program that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc. The minimum version of Java supported is 1.3

Go To SQuirreL SQL Client


iSQL-Viewer is an open-source JDBC 2.x compliant database front end written in Java. It implements across multiple platforms features of the JDBC API. It does everything through a single interface. iSQL-Viewer works with most database platforms, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Informix. iSQL-Viewer provides a variety of tools and features to carry out common database tasks.

Go To iSQL-Viewer


DbmJui is an attempt to clone DBMGUI, the database manager for SAPDB.

Go To DbmJ

SQL Admin

SQL Admin is a Java client application to connect and send queries to different databases through JDBC. The main idea is to create a multiplatform and multidatabase thin client.

Go To SQL Admin


SQLMinus is an SQL Client with many developer-friendly features

Go To SQLMinus


ViennaSQL is a GUI SQL client written in 100% Java. ViennaSQL can communicate with any database that has a JDBC driver. It should run anywhere Java runs. I use it on Linux and Windows NT 4.0 with Oracle's 100% Java JDBC driver.

Go To ViennaSQL


Adit is another database interface tool built with Java. Adit is meant to be a lightweight tool for querying a database.

Go To Adit


GUAM is, as the name implies, a GUI frontend to allow easy administration of MySQL users. It is written in Java and uses the Swing toolkit. Since it is a pure Java application, it is completely cross-platform and should work on any platform that has a full Java implementation (and maybe even some of the cut-down implementations). GUAM is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


DataBase Java Console

DataBase Java Console (DBJC) is a console program that allows people to query a database with predefined SQL queries, or to make repetitive queries (with different parameters) for administration purposes.

Go To DataBase Java Console


QueryForm is a robust Java application that provides a powerful GUI front end for JDBC-enabled databases. It creates forms on-the-fly through which you can query tables and browse the results with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. It also lets you insert, update and delete table rows without typing any SQL statements.

Go To QueryForm

PKLite SQL Client

PKLite SQL Client is an Open Source Java program can connect to any JDBC compliant database. It has basic query and update functionality and some simple database information capabilities. The goal of this project was to create a lightweight SQL client (under 1 MB) that was portable, easy to install and be vender independent. There are still some issues to be worked out so that is can be completely database vender independent but with this new build it is able to connect to any database that has a JDBC driver and run on any OS that has a Java VM. You can find more information about this project at http://pklite.sourceforge.net/.

Go To PKLite SQL Client


With FreeQueryBuilder, you can create SQL queries without directly writing SQL. Included: Query Preview, Queries history, JDBC Administrator, Metadata search, Command editor. Works with any JDBC compliant database(ORACLE, MySQL, HSQLDB, Firebird etc.)

Go To FreeQueryBuilder


A command line interactive SQL tool that can connect to any database with a JDBC driver. By default it works like the Sybase isql or MS/SQL's isql/osql commands but can also behave like the Oracle's sqlplus or PostgreSQL's psql.

Go To jisql


HenPlus is a SQL shell written in Java that works for any database that offers JDBC support. It supports: * Any JDBC aware database. * Has context sensitive command line completion for commands and tables / columns / variables within SQL-commands. * Multiple open connection-sessions can be handled in parallel. You can just switch between them. So you can be connected to different databases to experiment with the same statement in all of them, for example. * All JDBC-Urls of opened sessions are stored for later command line completion in the connect command. * Command line history just like in the bash (with cursor-up/down, CTRL-R, ...) * A describe command for database tables, that work all JDBC-Drivers that unveil the appropriate MetaData (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2...) * supports variables that are expanded like shell variables with $VARIABLENAME or ${VARIABLENAME} (with completion of their names, just like in bash) * Dumping/Loading files across databases * Supports several built-in commands (start, @, @@, spool) and syntax from the Oracle SQL-plus utility (like the single '/' on a line to close a statement). Most Oracle SQL-plus scripts will run directly, so its simple to switch to HenPlus. * Allows a per-project storage of the commandline history, variables, plugins and connections. * Allows to add your own plugins that behave just like the built-in commands.

Go To Henplus

Datastream Pro

Datastream Pro is a database browser and data manipulation tool. It is intuitive, easy to use, reliable and stable. It supports almost any JDBC compliant database (tested on Oracle, MySQL, postgreSQL and HSQLDb). It is avaliable on both Linux and Windows. Browse and edit the data in your database. Run SQL query's and scripts. Simultaneously connect to multiple databases. Easy to use connection wizard. Secure, personalised settings for connections and preferences. Built in text editor.

Go To Datastream Pro


QuantumDB is a simple but powerful database access plug-in for the Eclipse Development Platform. QuantumDB allows you to: * connect to databases using standard JDBC drivers * review schemas, tables, views and sequences * look up column, index and foreign key information * issue ad-hoc queries or other SQL statements against the database * manage, edit, and work with SQL files (*.sql) * issue updates, deletes, and inserts using simple, easy-to-use wizards QuantumDB works with any JDBC-complaint database, including: * Adabas * DB2 * DB2 on AS400 * HSQLDB * Informix * MySQL * Oracle * Pointbase * PostgreSQL * Sybase The QuantumDB developers regularly use a wide variety of database products as they add new features to the plugin.

Go To QuantumDB


DBBrowser is an open source (GPL license), cross-platform tool which can be used to view the contents of a database. It supports CLOBS and BLOBS. It is designed to work with Oracle and MySQL. The user should never have to write SQL to view the data although a SQL window is provided. Support for ER (Entity Relationship) diagrams, XMLTypes and more DBMS is planned for the next version. Main features: 1. View all data and sequences in tables without writing SQL 2. Support for CLOBs and BLOBS in Oracle and MySQL 3. SQL syntax highlighting 4. Add, remove, update records without writing SQL 5. Add, remove columns from tables 6. Export data as CSV or PDF files 7. More than 10 GUI skins to change the look and feel 8. Context Sensitive Help 9. Internationalized with 2 language packs. Support for plugging in more language packs Other features: 1. Cross platform 2. Cross platform installer and Windows exe installer for ease of use 3. Documentation with javadocs, Technical architecture document, UI specs and Class diagrams Planned for next version: 1. Reverse engineer DDL from existing DB schema 2. Support for Entity Relationship diagrams 3. Support for Oracle XMLTypes 4. Support for PostGreSQL and IBM DB2 DBBrowser is hosted on the SourceForge website (http://databasebrowser.sourceforge.net) Could you please setup a link from your site

Go To dbbrowser

SQL Workbench/J

SQL Workbench/J is a DBMS independet frontend for SQL databases. It can be used in batch mode and has strong export and import capabilities. It also offers some extensions to SQL (Variable substitution, BLOB support with local filenames) that try to unify handling SQL databases. It can copy table data directly between two different servers (batch and GUI)

Go To SQL Workbench/J


Vela is SQL and PL/SQL client with graphical user interface developed as a open source front end tool using JDBC and Java Swing. It supports Oracle Database. Vela is a Front-End tool for a Oracle developer. It supports most of the common developer tasks such as browsing database objects, viewing table definitions, viewing table data. It also supports editing and compiling SQL and PL/SQL scripts.

Go To Vela


A command line sql client that is targeted to be as userfriendly as possible on the commandline. It contains features like tabcompletion, history, help. It uses JDBC so it can be used in as many database types as possible.

Go To SqlShell


LiquiBase is a DBMS-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database changes. All database changes (structure and data) are stored in an XML-based descriptive manner and checked into source control. LiquiBase has the following features: * Supports merging of changes from multiple developers * Works well with code branches * Allows you to manage production data as well as various test datasets * Works in an environment where multiple machines will be attempting to migrate the database concurrently * Supports automated change-applying or generation of SQL scripts that can be approved and applied by a DBA * Supports rolling back changes * Can create database \"diff\"s and can generate change logs from them

Go To LiquiBase

Execute Query

Execute Query is an desktop sql client written in java. It includes a query editor, a table browser, import/export capabilities, a sql script generator and a visual editor.

Go To Execute Query


JSQLTool is java swing SQL Tool used to view/edit database tables content and to execute sql scripts, by connecting to a database using JDBC/ODBC. JSQLTool supports multi-language and internationalization.

Go To JSQLTool


Jackcess is a pure Java library for reading from and writing to MS Access databases. It is not an application. There is no GUI. It's a library, intended for other developers to use to build Java applications.

Go To Jackcess


DBSA (DataBase Structure Analysis) is a tool for comparing schema snapshots. Differences are reported and an SQL patch can be generated. It includes a basic repository facility for schema history tracking



MyJSQLView provides an easy to use Java based GUI, graphical user interface, frontend for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting data in several mainstream databases. A query tool allows the building of complex SELECT SQL statements. The application allows easy sorting, searching, and import/export of table data.

Go To MyJSQLView

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