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Open Source JSP Tag Libraries

Display tag library

The display tag library is an open source suite of custom tags that provide high level web presentation patterns which will work in an MVC model. The library provides a significant amount of functionality while still being simple and straight-forward to use.

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DbForms enables developers to build sophisticated web-based database driven applications in very short time and with very little efforts. DbForms - applications are built in a manner conceptually similar to RAD - database building tools such as Microsoft Access (for Windows-based applications) or Sybase PowerSite (for web-based applications).

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Jakarta Taglibs

This project is an open-source repository for JSP custom tag libraries and associated projects, such as TagLibraryValidator classes and extensions to page-creation tools to support tag libraries.

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Google JSP Tag Library

With the Google JSP Tag Library, developers and designers can easily incorporate Google queries, search results, cached pages and spelling suggestions into any web site or application.

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JCE taglib

JCE taglib is a set of Open Source JSP tags and expression language EL functions (J2EE 1.4/JSP 2.0), communicating with Sun's JCE (Java Cryptographic Extensions) library to bring high-level strong encryption to your JSP applications. Classes are organized in such way that they can also be used for other non-JSP projects.

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Cewolf can be used inside a Servlet/JSP based web application to embed complex graphical charts of all kinds (e.g. line, pie, bar chart, plots, etc.) into a web page. Therefore it provides a full featured tag library to define all properties of the chart (colors, strokes, legend, etc.). Thus the JSP which embedds the chart is not polluted with any java code. Everything is described with XML conform tags.

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The WebJMX Tag Library is a project with the goal of producing a JSP tag library which allows any skilled JSP developer to produce a customized, branded, web based interface for JMX enabled \"MBeans\".

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EasyLDAP is JSP tag library for LDAP operations

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JSP Survey Library

The JSP web survey tag library is for making dynamic web surveys

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JPivot is a JSP custom tag library that renders an OLAP table and let users perform typical OLAP navigations like slice and dice, drill down and roll up. It uses Mondrian as its OLAP Server.

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MicroNova YUZU JSP Tag Library

MicroNova YUZU is a BSD-licensed JSP tag library designed to augment JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) using EL (Expression Language). YUZU is compatible with both JSP 1.2 and JSP 2.0 specifications (tomcat 4.x/5.x). Features include: nestable/encodable map structure, \"codec\" functions (also useable as JSP 2.0 EL functions), structured parameters and \"subroutine\" call returning any (non-string) Object, embedded EL pattern evaluation for regular text and SQL query, HTTP client and response control, HTML-to-DOM parser, multipart email. YUZU consists of the following tags: set, out, map, eval, param, call, include, log, postData, throw, synchronized, query, update, response, system, filter, parseHtml, mail. All YUZU tags follow a simple common behavioral pattern (prepare/import/default/process/assign/export) for ease of learning and extension.

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Paging, sorting and filtering data in a web environment using java, jsp and taglibs.

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TableTag is JSP tag library intended to build simple data entry pages, like ASP.NET's DataGrid. It has plugable renderers for table, rows and columns, event driven data handling, and data feeding based on java.util.List.

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uitags is an open source JSP custom-tag library that makes developing friendly UI (user interface) effortless. It has a unique aim of helping developers create UIs that don't confuse end-users and instead let them work more efficiently.

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Prize Tags

A collection of tags for various purposes. The most well-known and used of these is the Tree Tag which is capable of displaying dynamic tree controls in JSP pages. The HTML generated is of course 100% customizable (you write it yourself between the Tree Tags) and so are any icons used. You can add both client side and server side listeners for expand, collapse, select, and unselect events. In addition to the tree tag there are tags for - displaying calendars, - alternations (fx. the background color of the rows in a table, or the weekdays etc.) - more lively icon buttons. - formatting text containg html tags as text, not html.

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Ajax Tags Library

he AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages.

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AjaxAnywhere is designed to turn any set of existing JSP components into AJAX-aware components without complex JavaScript coding. In contrast to other solutions, AjaxAnywhere is not component-oriented. You will not find here yet another AutoComplete component. Simply separate your web page into multiple zones, and use AjaxAnywhere to refresh only those zones that needs to be updated.

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Ditchnet JSP Tabs

The Ditchnet JSP Tabs Taglib provides an incredibly simple toolkit for adding rich, sophisticated tabbed-pane GUI components to web-based user interfaces. The Tabs Taglib combines the powerful features of DHTML, Java, and JSP to allow you to create web-based tabbed interfaces that behave in a manner remarkably similar to what you would expect from a rich client toolkit like Java Swing. The Tabs Taglib utilizes JavaScript and DHTML to respond to client-side, user-initiated events, while leveraging JSP and the Servlet API for rendering the tabbed components and persisting the state of individual selected tabs.

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DBGrid for JSP

A small tag library offering similar functionality as that of the data grid control available in ASP.NET

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FormView is JSP taglib to manage postrender of JSP (HTML render)according to state (CREATE, READ, UPDATE,...). With Formview you develop just ONE JSP to manage READ-ONLY and READ-WRITE form. For instance, on CREATE state HTML inputs will be READ-WRITE and on READ state inputs will be READ-ONLY. You can use FormView with HTML or any JSP taglib (struts, struts-layout, jsp...) that you want postrender by FormView. With FormView you can customize render of input according to state (add attribute readonly to HTML input or replace it by value when form must be displayed to READ state). Formview can be plugged with Struts Validator to use information about validation to update HTML according to validation (eg : add maxlength attribute to HTML input if form must be validate by maxlength, add calendar if input must be date).

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Google:maps JSP Tag Library

Develop fully functional GoogleMaps on your website with no javascript or AJAX programming, using the Google:maps JSP Tag library. All gelocation is performed automatically, so plot by longitude/latitude, US or Intl address, or even IP... Integrate with JSTL or scriptlets to create database driven, dynamic maps.

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JSPTabControl is JSP taglib for manage tabs in your JSP. This taglib generate tabs with \"pure CSS tabs\" technique (using \"li\" and \"ul\"). JSPtabControl give you several features : 1. tab control (body and header) and tab page (body and header) can be easily customized with CSS. 2. titles of tab header page can be localized, by using Struts AplicationResources or Resource Bundle file properties. 3. select a tab with JAVA code (for example in your action struts). 4. keep last tab selected after posting form. 5. set a state (INVISIBLE, READ-ONLY, FORBIDDEN, ERROR, ...) with JAVA code for a particulary tab page : 5.1. to manage render of tab page (header and body) by using CSS. 5.2. to execute function javascript swith events (eg : when tab page has FORBIDDEN state, you could execute javascrit message alert \"You are not authorized to access this tab!\" when user click in this tab page). You can manage any states. States are configurate (Style class and Javascript to execute) into XML file. States can be used for exemple to manage role in your WEB Application. State are manageable at client and server side. 6. use EL syntax (see JSTL specification) in JSPTabControl attributes taglib (with, height,...) to evaluate JSP expressions dynamically.

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Struts-Layout is a tag library for struts which provides easy and fast interface creation. This is achieved by powerful tags which display panels, input fields, tables, treeviews, sortable lists, datagrids, popups, calendars, etc. With those tags, the developer have neither need to write nor even know HTML.

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Pager Tag Library

The Pager Tag Library is the easy and flexible way to implement paging of large data sets in JavaServer Pages (JSP). It can emulate all currently known paging styles with minimal effort. It also includes re-usable index styles that emulate the search result navigators of popular web sites such as GoogleSM, AltaVista® and Yahoo!. The Pager Tag Library does most of the work for you by dynamically organizing your data set into pages and generating a browsable index with virtually any look desired.

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The eXtremeComponents are a series of open source JSP custom tags that render advanced displays. The current component is called the eXtremeTable and is used to display data in a table format. The eXtremeTable supports the following features: * Paginated display of a List of beans, or a List of Maps. * Column sorting of the display. * Multi-column filtering of the display with case-insensitive searching. * Export of the data display to PDF. (FOP XSL-FO) * Export of the data display to Excel or Calc. (POI XLS) * Innovative ideas such as Custom Cells to give you full control over how data is displayed. * All features are highly configurable.

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pack:tag is a JSP Taglib that compresses static resources like JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets. The Taglib caches the resources, once they are compressed, in memory or to file. When caching to memory, the output is additionally gzipped. Compressing-algorithms could be exchanged per resourcetype, and are extendable by usage of the strategy-pattern. Resources can also be combined to reduce requests.

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Struts Menu

Struts Menu is a set of JSP tags that allows creation of many different menu systems from an XML file or database tables. It supports menus with dynamic javascript. It can be used outside of a Struts application. It has been successfully implemented in AppFuse, Struts, Struts 2, Spring MVC, Tapestry and JSF versions.

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